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Getting to know Abigail.

Through my own personal experience over the years, I made a passionate decision to assist other people to bring about positive change in their life through realistic measures.

We are all told at some time or other to “step up the mark,” “get on with it,” “be a man” or “accept and move on!”

Not so easy sometimes is it! Sound familiar?

Over the years I have found simple but effective ways of learning to be at peace with myself and life.

I now want to make it my mission to bring Life Coaching up to the forefront,

by motivating people from all walks of life.

To help build a stronger community and move forward as stronger individuals, despite any personal or career based life setback, successfully bringing about a bright successful future.

Along with other agencies and NHS services, I believe my life coaching can be a powerful tool in motivating people to make the first step in believing too that all things are possible.

When we choose the power of own positive choices to better ourselves …. We can and will succeed!

 Experience and Knowledge.

I bring to my Life Coaching over forty years of private and NHS Healthcare and Social care experience,

working within all age group sectors.

Successfully enjoying every step of the way, working to support both physical and mild mental health challenges.

Alongside this wealth of experience I have 10 years of working knowledge and expertise as a Complementary Therapist.

 My business management experience derived from several industries.

Help is at Hand.

Motivating all age groups has the same path, from the very young to our more mature population, that is;

…. If you want something … Are willing to make some changes and practise …. You can have success in all you desire! 

I have heard these words spoken over time such as, “You mustn’t complain” “this is how you are now”

“you can’t do that anymore” “you won’t be doing that.” 

The medical profession, although amazing doesn’t always hold the answers, certainly not in my case.

I have spent years of research into Psychology, Food disorders, Mental health links, nutritional links, physical links, holistic approaches, the list is endless which certainly proved valuable in my own recovery.  

Thus now assisting my understanding alongside other tools to help others within the community.

 Life coaching can help motivate and support people by person centred holistic based alternative route, other than medication, counselling and other treatments OR can work alongside with such therapies.

 Although a relaxed session atmosphere, the new skills gained are powerful and life changing and will continually assist you when practiced constructively by you, for you!

Personal development, career changes, life setbacks, business support, motivational personal and business support.

I have developed several programmes and workshops to build confidence, self esteem and several others, however all sessions are put together to suit you individually, there’s no one size fits all.

I want to support you, motivate you, help you identify what it is that you want,

then give you the tools to be a more fulfilled you,

successful, confident, a powerful voice and go on to a lifestyle you desire.