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Business coaching.

What is it? Does my business really need it?


Small business, sole trader and business staff development realistic coaching.

No matter how self-motivated and dedicated you might be in your small business,

you can sometimes get struck, frustrated and overwhelmed, get in your own way and spend a lot of time in your head, not quite moving ahead as you planned.

Sometimes all it takes is an outsiders perspective of what is happening now,

for you to see, hear and acknowledge what you already know.

I can give you that outside push you may need to get moving forward and back on track.

I can work with you, give you the courage it takes when stepping out of your comfort zone, start a new project.

Together we can lesson the sometimes overwhelming sense of  and not enough hours in the day especially if a sole trader.

It can be a tower of strength to have a life/ business coach to boost your confidence after all we all like to have our hard work recognised and feel good when someone makes great comments on our product/s or service and we are financially successful.

Even if it’s a confirmation of what you are already thinking and doing, business strategies’ and marketing are going well, its nice to have a trusted person to bounce ideas around.

To put it in perspective

Never made a mistake? Then you have never tried anything new! 





“There are costs and risks to a program of action,

but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.”