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Mental Health

Mild to moderate mental health issues.


Almost half the suffers of mental health conditions don’t seek help despite having symptoms simply because of the nature of how individual we all are.

I respectfully work with anyone with a mild to moderate mental health condition such as;

low moods, anxiety, phobias and stress emotions, stressful situations, work related stress and sudden life events that can leave us feeling lost and  knock us of track.

I can help you find a way back to you and help you find what links these low feelings, triggers and low self-esteem, then support you to learn new coping strategies

to help you self-help and regain normal daily life with understanding, empathy and compassion. 

 Most cases of mild mental health issues can be self managed successfully.

Let’s remember that when we sometimes lose our way this is temporary and doesn’t define us!

I can help you find coping techniques suitable for your needs, address limiting beliefs that could be holding you back, build confidence, work to remove obstacles and negative thinking.

My well-being programme is a model that looks at all areas of your lifestyle, for example nutrition, self-management, social interaction, sleep, self-esteem and any other areas of concern you may present.

We work together at your pace where you will be inspired to find your own solutions with support and techniques,

using tools and conversation based on a holistic approach which looks at the physical and mind connection, mindfulness, self-compassion and positive thinking.






“If you’re going through hell— Keep going!
Winston Churchill